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ok... If you have a site you think we should add... e-mail us.

WONC.ORG - Now in Real Audio!
ALL AGES - Punk/ Ska on Pure Rock FM89
THE MAGIC BUS - Jam Rock on Pure Rock FM89

WXRT - station of Local Anesthetic
Q101 - Local 101

Local Band Resources
Rolling Stone Online - have a complete local band section
Metromix - Club guide to Chicago - they link to us
Jon's Guide to Chicago Music - crazy... he must have done this site recently

Teenage Politix
Lucky Boys Confusion
Simple Simon
The Krinkles
The Dog & Everything
Left Setter
The Carraways
Swizzle Tree
Pottiffers Penny

Urban 75 - slap a spice girl... belt a bull sh**ter... drugs... you can't go wrong
JC CHAOS - the founder of this show... real audio clips
Bill Hicks - the greatest comedian ever - useful for sound junkies... like myself
Bizzott - there is still NOTHING in the Bizzott
Comedy Central - South Park anyone? or has it been overkilled?
Universal Life Church - Free Ordaining through the web. Become a minister today!